32ºN Sunglasses

From Sunglasses to Reading Glasses with a Swipe

32°N sunglasses were made for people like you

No more switching between sunglasses and reading glasses when outdoors

Those who forgot where they put their reading glasses and now can’t read the cocktail menu while sitting outside at their favorite spot; those who can’t check their WhatsApp messages at the beach because their reading glasses were left in the car; those who found themselves wearing their reading glasses over their sunglasses one time too many.

One pair of superhero sunglasses, so many functions

48hrs Battery
Up to 5 hours in reading mode Typical duration between glasses charges – 48 hours Charging duration – 1 hour

Active Reading Area
The sunglasses boast an Active Reading Area, providing enhanced clarity and focus for reading while shielding the eyes from sunlight.

Swipe Sensor
A Swipe Sensor facilitate effortless switching between sunglasses and reading glasses with a simple swipe gesture

Bluetooth Connection
The glasses feature Bluetooth connection for seamless integration with the accompanying application

Polarized Lenses
The 32ºN lenses feature polarized, tinted, and UV-blocking properties,
ensuring enhanced vision clarity, reduced glare, and protection against harmful UV rays

Anti Reflective Coating
The 32ºN Sunglasses are equipped with an anti-reflective coating, reducing glare and enhancing visual clarity for optimal viewing experience

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While 32ºN is designed to fit everyone, it comes with an app to help you make it 100% personalizable.

When you get your pair, you'll be able to download the app to your iOS or Android phone and start your journey with a quick and simple guided setup.

Superhero Glasses for Real People

Patented Technology,
Timeless Design

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