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Can I set each lens to a different magnification value?

Yes! You will be able to set and update your reading magnification for each eye using our dedicated app.

Are there more frame shapes available?

At this point, we offer only one frame shape. More frame styles will be available in the future.

How long does the 32ºN Sunglasses charge last ?

If in use, the charge lasts for up to a day (5 hours of active service). While not in use, it can last for a few days.

Is the 32ºN Sunglasses waterproof?

The 32ºN sunglasses are Anti-Splash

What’s the difference between 32°N and transition glasses?

Transition glasses change their opacity (how dark they are). 32°N go from conventional sunglasses (no prescription) to reading sunglasses without changing their opacity.

Are 32°N safe to use?

The glasses are designed to be completely safe. They use extremely low power, similarly to small consumer electronics devices such as wireless headphones and earbuds, and are designed to meet all health and safety standards.

The final stage of the project would be to run them though certification lab tests.

How are 32°N different from bi-focal?

32°N are based on a technology enabling the glasses to switch between reading and conventional sunglasses, rather than looking through different areas of the lens/glasses.

Can 32°N correct for far vision as well as for reading?

32°N only corrects for reading. Far vision is currently not supported. We’re working to include this in our next product. 

Is my phone supported by the app?

The app is designed to support most phones. The requirements are IOS x and above or android. 

Do the 32°N glasses work if my cell phone is not with me?

Yes, definitely. The glasses are autonomous. Your mobile phone is only needed to do an initial set up to calibrate for your vision, or to change some preferences from time to time if you want. 

What happens to 32°N when the battery dies?

In that case, they act like regular sunglasses without the close vision functionality. Once you recharge them, you can operate that function again.

What is the weight of 32ºN sunglasses?

The 32ºN sunglasses weigh about 43 grams

Is there a warranty?

Yes! a one-year warranty. We will repair (remotely or physically) any technical fault with your 32°N sunglasses, provided that usage of the glasses was in line with the recommendations in the user guide and wasn't a result of breakage or water damage.

Do the glasses block blue light?

Yes, they do. They also block UV :)

Can I buy 32°N glasses with transparent lenses (not sunglasses)?

At this time we are only offering tinted sunglasses, however, transparent are definitely on our roadmap.

How can I keep 32°N glasses clean without damaging them?

We designed 32°N so that you can treat them just like your normal glasses. They aren’t any more sensitive than conventional sunglasses when it comes to cleaning them.

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