Reading outdoors is our perfect activity since it combines two of our biggest loves: books and nature.
Are you looking for the best places to read outdoors? You’re in the right place!

Beachside: The beach offers a magical escape where you can dive into the literary world while the ocean waves serenade you.
Bonus: with 32°N adaptive sunglasses you don’t have to worry about changing from sunglasses to reading glasses.

Gardens: Gardens with their fragrant blooms and, hopefully, gentle breeze provides an idyllic backdrop for literary exploration.

Mountain Retreats: Climb to new literary heights by reading atop a scenic mountain.

Hammock Havens: Hammocks are the epitome of relaxation, providing an optimal setting for uninterrupted reading pleasure. Until you fall asleep.

Rooftop Escapes: Rise above the city’s hustle and enjoy a panoramic view while delving into your favorite read – we’ll call it an urban retreat.

Cozy Coffee Shops: sit outside at your favorite coffee shop, with a big glass of cold brew, and immerse yourself in a captivating book.

Park Bench: A classic choice for outdoor reading.