32°N MUIR Black Frame

32°N sunglasses are a perfect match for you if:

  • You use standard off-the-shelf reading glasses
  • Your reading glasses power is between +0.5 and +2.5
  • You wear non-prescription sunglasses
  • Aged 45 and up
  • The award-winning 32°N Sunglasses are the first (and only) adaptive focus sunglasses.  
  • Have you ever worn your reading glasses over your sunglasses? 32°N sunglasses are made for you.  
  • Seamlessly switching from Plano sunglasses to reading sunglasses with a single swipe. AND they look good.  
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple glasses every time you step out.   
  • 32°N uses the entire lens for distance vision without any transitions between zones.  
  • Skip the search for reading glasses every time you receive a message. Switch seamlessly from sunglasses to readers with just one touch.  
  • If your prescription changes, you can easily update your settings using the 32°N app.  

The MUIR frame is the 32°N regular fit is a wider version of the 32°N adaptive sunglasses. It has a curved angle front and wider opening to match wider range of face shapes with a timeless design approach. Fitted with polarized patented liquid crystal lenses with anti-reflective coating. 


  • colors: Clear, Black, and Caramel   
  • Durable TR-90 thermoplastic material  
THE 32°N APP  
  • Set your personal prescription using the 32°N app.  
  • Stay in the loop and keep your glasses’ software up to date with new features and improvements.  
  • Update glasses prescription whenever it changes.  

32°N are equipped with Deep Optics’ novel and patented Liquid Crystal tunable lens technology. This allows dynamic focus changing from 0 to 2.5 diopters with a 0.25D precision.



  • Patented Liquid Crystal lenses   
  • Magnification up to 2.5 Diopter   
  • Anti-scratch coating   
  • UV400 full protection   
  • Polarized – block out intense glare.   
  • Visible Light Transmission 10% – Category 3, Dark Tint   
  • Trivex filters, high impact resistance  

Battery & Charging  

  • Up to 5 hours in reading mode   
  • Typical duration between glasses charges – 48 hours  
  • Charging duration – 1 hour  



  • Weight – 45 g / 1.6 oz   
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)   
  • Meets US FDA Reg.21CFR 801.410.  

Based out of Tel Aviv, Deep Optics is the technology company behind 32°N’s adaptive optics. We developed this patented technology to revolutionize human vision correction.   

We believe glasses should adapt to people, and 32°N is the first product embodying this approach. We are constantly developing new technologies and solutions to make our vision a reality.    


The first (and only) adaptive focus sunglasses

Customer reviews
“Amazing invention. These sunglasses are amazing. An astonishing invention. I love them. Highly recommended.”
— Jaye | Singapore
“Gotta say, not having to change glasses to read my phone or the monument ia pretty damn convenient!”
— James, 63 | South Korea
“I am no longer afraid of losing my glasses or being unable to read while on the ship.”
— Zohar, 63 | Israel
“32°N are my constant companions when going out.”
— Renata, 74 | Israel
“My 32°N help me to read the menu and enjoy a lemon tea in Nepal on my way to Everest base camp.”
— James @cynic_in_korea 
“Unfortunately for my optician, thanks to 32°N, I saved a heap and he misses out on the order for much more expensive lens sunglasses order.”
— Harry, 79 | Western Australia
“I took my 32°N on a short trip to Miami beach. They were great for reading on the beach and biking.”
— Daniel | United States
32°N make reading my smartwatch and smartphone much easier
— Peter M. Zohar, 63 | Israel
“I love these glasses, it’s a very cool piece of technology!”
— Randy S. | United States

No more looking for your reading glasses

Presbyopia (prez-bē-ō-pē-a) – the gradual, age-related, irreversible reduction of our ability to focus well on nearby objects – is quite simply a natural part of life for many of us. It can also mean a lot of switching between glasses and reading glasses – not to mention a pair of sunglasses, too. Until now, there were only two common options available: progressive lenses (multifocal) and bifocals, which each have their limitations. We’re changing all that.

See the big picture Read the fine print

We invented a powerful kind of active lens that dynamically switches its focus between near and far: the 32°N sunglasses. The first (and only) adaptive focus sunglasses, they allow you to look at the horizon, and with just a quick swipe along the frame, go back to checking your messages. In short, you can see what you want, when you want. No progressives, no bifocals. Just one pair of revolutionary sunglasses that are putting practicality and style in a whole new light.

Glasses that adapt to people

32°N sunglasses are the only pair of sunglasses you’ll ever need. No more constantly changing glasses or losing them when you’re outside. We believe that glasses should adapt to the people wearing them, not the other way around.

The 32ºN App

While 32ºN is designed to fit everyone, it comes with an app to help you make it 100% personalizable.

When you get your pair, you'll be able to download the app to your iOS or Android phone and start your journey with a quick and simple guided setup.

Experience the innovation of the 32°N vision technology during our 100% RISK-FREE trial period.

Full refund guaranteed


Watch Jaye's review for his personal impressions

"Hi, my name is Jaye I’m a musician. I make music under the name Count Jaye.
...And they are amazing because they’re sunglasses, but they’re also reading glasses. You change them by just touching...."

Tutorial Videos

32ºN Muir Frame

Spec & Measurements

Lenses 47.6 / 1.87"
Bridge 17.9mm / 0.7"
Temple 150mm / 5.9"

Magnification range 0-2.5
Weight 45g

Patented Liquid Crystal Lenses 
Anti Scratch coating
100% UV protection
Polarized for enhanced vision

Wearable Injected Polymer frame
Designed & manufactured in Tel Aviv

Liquid crystal lenses

At the core of this innovative eyewear is pixelated liquid crystal (LC) technology, consisting of countless tiny pixels capable of changing their optical properties. A swipe activates a small processor embedded in the glasses' temple. This processor calculates the user’s personal data and sends that data to adjust the desired lens prescription. Millions of tiny pixels inside the lens change their electrical state according to the new data, thus forming the lens and bringing close objects into focus. This advanced technology eliminates the need for multiple pairs of glasses and ensures a comfortable and efficient solution for vision correction.

Magnification Power

Completely silent, and without any extra weight or moving parts, the 32ºN LC lens enables an unlimited number of dynamic, high-quality lenses that can be changed at any moment. The lens magnification can be personalized using the 32ºN App from 0-2.5 diopter.

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