32ºN Sunglasses are the 1st and only dynamic adaptive sunglasses.

We invented a new kind of active lenses that dynamically switch their focus between close and far distances.

Powered with these revolutionary lenses, allowing seamlessly switch between “reading mode” for near vision and “scenic mode” for far distances. We believe that glasses should adapt to the people wearing them; not the other way around. 

No more wasting time looking for your reading glasses (they are on your head!) No more constantly changing glasses or losing them when you’re outside. 32°N are the only pair of sunglasses you’ll ever need.


32°N addresses the needs of people experiencing presbyopia, the age-related reduction in near vision. The glasses mimic natural human vision, instead of having to switch between sunglasses and reading glasses and without the difficult compromises of progressive lenses and bifocals.

32ºN use Transformative adaptive focal lens technology

The proprietary technology dynamically corrects vision impairment using pixelated liquid crystal (LC) lenses. The lenses perform like the human eye, allowing the wearer to see what they want when they want.

The LENS MAGNIFICATION can be personalised by 32ºN App from 0-2


32ºN Lenses:

Patented Liquid Crystal Lenses 

Anti Scratch 100% UV protection polarized

32ºN Measurements: 

Lens measures: 48mm / 1.88"

Bridge measures: 24mm / 0.95"

Arm measures approx: 136mm / 5.35"

Wearable Injected Polymer frame

32ºN Weight: 50g 


you are what you see

Don't let life stop you from living