The big picture:

We wanted to meet Hilla Alpert, master of recipes and words, a food specialist, a television personality and a culinary muse, at her natural habitat, so naturally we hung at Asif, one of our favorite spots in Tel Aviv.
Asif is a non-profit organization and culinary center dedicated to cultivating and nurturing Israel’s diverse and creative food culture, a joint venture of the New York City-based Jewish Food Society and Tel Aviv’s Start-Up Nation Central.


The fine print:

Hilla guided us through Asif’s library, which contains more than 1500 culinary books, we visited the roof farm and finally – ate something.

Tel Aviv, 32.0853°N, 34.7818°E

Favorite book:
The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years, by Chinghiz Aitmatov. Hilla: “The journey of Yedigei, the rail worker who travels across the Sarozek in order to bury his longtime friend, really touched my heart. The memories, the insights, past, future, the love for humankind, the stench of his actions. The incredible ability to express in words what the eye sees, and to be able to trust that the reader will understand”.

Favorite reading spot:
“Same as my writing spot: in bed.”

Library organization method:
“I don’t have methods, especially not for organizing things. Once in a while my kids try to separate between poetry and literature. I like to mix things up. My cooking books have a library of their own.”

Where are your sunglasses when you’re not wearing them?
“Tucked in my shirt, tossed in my bag or crying because I forgot them somewhere.”