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TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, March 2022. DeepOptics will demonstrate the revolutionary 32ºN (pronounced 32 North) adaptive Sunglasses in the United States for the first time (March 31-April 3, 2022, NYC). Using patented dynamic Liquid Crystal lenses, the glasses switch from sunglasses to reading glasses with a single swipe. Users can add their own reading prescription using the 32ºN app, making the glasses 100% personalized. 

32ºN is the first and only adaptive focus sunglasses in the world. 32°N Sunglasses enable a few different reading prescriptions with a single pair of glasses, allowing the users to seamlessly switch between “reading mode” for near vision and “scenic mode” for far distances. 32°N Sunglasses addresses the needs of people suffering from presbyopia, an age-related, irreversible gradual loss of the eye's ability to focus on nearby objects, usually occurring after the age of 40. 

In celebration of Vision-Expo East 2022 in NYC, DeepOptics will present and demonstrate the 32°N Sunglasses for the first time in the city. The brand calls leading tech reporters and influencers to get a first look at the glasses and experience them first-hand.

“We are on a mission to improve human vision through dynamic optics,” says Yariv Haddad, the CEO and co-founder of DeepOptics, who will be personally attending the presentation. “Presbyopia is a problem that affects a great many people, for much of the time. 32°N Glasses is the first product of several on our roadmap. It was developed to provide a seamless technological solution to a problem faced by over 1.8 billion people around the world.”

The 32°N Sunglasses uses pixelated liquid crystal layers split into tiny pixels that accustom to the eyes’ needs at any given time. The glasses provide an effective solution for those who suffer from Presbyopia, impeding the need to constantly change between sunglasses and reading glasses when outdoors. 

About DeepOptics

Founded in 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs with vast experience in the electro-optics industry, DeepOptics was created to disrupt the traditional eyewear industry with technology-driven, adaptable optical solutions that provide customers with a seamless experience that aligns with the always-on-the-go modern lifestyle. 32°N Glasses is DeepOptics’s first commercial product. The glasses were launched on Kickstarter in June 2021 and exceeded their funding goal within mere few hours, with over 1,200 pledges, amounting to more than $300,000. DeepOptics's investors include some of the leading names in the eyewear and technology industries, among them are Essilor and Samsung Ventures.

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