Revolutionizing Eyewear for Presbyopia

The 32°N adaptive sunglasses have garnered recognition from TIME's Best Inventions and the Dezeen award for their pioneering adaptive focus technology. Designed specifically for individuals with presbyopia who engage in outdoor reading, the sunglasses boast dynamic Liquid Crystal lenses that effortlessly transition from sunglasses to reading glasses with a simple swipe.

Customizable Reading Prescriptions:

What sets the 32°N apart is its innovative pixelated liquid crystal (LC) lenses. The lenses contain thousands of pixels, serving as tiny electronic controls that seamlessly change the optical properties of the glasses. With customizable reading prescriptions available through the app, users can tailor their eyewear to meet individual needs, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

Tired of switching between
sunglasses to reading glasses when outdoors?
Try this revolutionary first and only
32°N adaptive sunglasses

So Why Choose 32°N Sunglasses?

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple glasses every time you step out
  • 32°N uses the entire lens for distance vision without any transitions between zones
  • Skip the search for reading glasses every time you receive a message. Switch seamlessly from sunglasses to readers with just one touch
  • If your prescription changes, you can easily update your settings using the 32°N app

  • Set your personal prescription using the 32°N app
  • Stay in the loop and keep your glasses’ software up to date with new features and improvements
  • Update glasses prescription whenever it changes
32°N Users

Share Their Stories

Experience the journey with 32°N through our users' eyes. Our carefully curated onboarding sessions and video testimonials offer a glimpse into the real-life impact of our sunglasses. They reflect our commitment to quality and the seamless integration of our eyewear into daily activities, from urban exploration to wilderness adventures.

Cutting-Edge MUIR Frame

At VEE 2024, Deep Optics will introduce it’s latest 32°N MUIR frame, featuring a wider curved fit, available in both black and transparent colors.
This new design complements the first-generation Wharton frame, offering users a stylish and comfortable eyewear experience.


  • Patented Liquid Crystal lenses
  • Magnification up to 2.5 Diopter
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • UV400 full protection
  • Polarized – block out intense glare
  • Visible Light Transmission 10% – Category 3, Dark Tint
  • Trivex filters, high impact resistance


  • 3 colors: Clear, Black, and Caramel
  • TR-90 thermoplastic material (durable)
  • 2 models: 32°N Muir (Regular frame) and 32°N Wharton (Narrow frame)

Battery & Charging​

  • Up to 5 hours in reading mode
  • Typical duration between glasses charges – 48 hours
  • Charging duration – 1 hour


  • Weight – 45 g / 1.6 oz
  • ​Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Meets US FDA Reg.21CFR 801.410

32°N Investors

The recent investment we received from Fielmann Ventures, a leading eyewear chain in Europe, following previous investments from EssilorLuxottica and Samsung Ventures that recognize the technology as a potential disruptor of the traditional eyewear industry and/or as a leader in the emerging field of smart glasses, is a testament to the innovative impact of our designs in the market.