You are not alone: almost 2 billion people around the world are living with Presbyopia. Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects while being 45 or older. It’s a natural part of being human - Presbyopia is not a disease, it’s just life. One of the facts of life is that from a certain age you will not be able to check your phone without reaching for your reading glasses.

Did you know? The average person checks their mobile phone 58 times every day. That means you’re probably familiar with the sunglasses-reading glasses scenario: It involves you, playing the annoying game of switching between your sunglasses and reading glasses every time you want to see stuff outdoors. 

This is where 32°N comes in: We invented a new kind of active lenses that dynamically switch their focus between close and far distances.
Same glasses, no progressives, no bifocals, no adjustment period needed.