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Tired of switching between
sunglasses to reading glasses when outdoors?

Try this revolutionary first and only
32°N adaptive sunglasses

Say hello to the revolutionary 32°N adaptive sunglasses

In the realm of eyewear, the challenge has always been to combine style with functionality.
For many, especially those grappling with presbyopia, choosing between clear vision and sun protection has been a tricky balancing act. No more.

Enter the 32°N Adaptive Sunglasses world — a groundbreaking, award-winning adaptive vision correction solution that seamlessly blends convenience with cutting-edge technology. Instead of the age-old hassle of switching between regular sunglasses and reading ones, 32°N offers a dynamic lens adjustment at the simple swipe of a finger.


The 32°N sunglasses have been one of TIME's top inventions of 2022 and have received accolades from major outlets like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Their innovative design has also made them contenders for the prestigious Dezeen Design Awards 2023.


Vision Correction Meets The Future of Adaptive Eyewear

But what's the story behind this innovation?
Deep Optics, a startup from sunny Tel Aviv, introduced the world to 32°N Sunglasses — the very first of their kind. These sunglasses aren't just about looking good; they're a glimpse into the future of eyewear.

The name "32°North" is more than just branding—it represents the latitude of Tel Aviv, capturing the essence of this dynamic city where the allure of sun-soaked beaches meets the bustling world of technological innovation.

When 32°N launched on Kickstarter, it didn't just succeed, the response was nothing short of electric.
The campaign rapidly gained momentum, amassing over $300,000 from an enthusiastic base of more than 1,000 backers in mere hours.

32ºN Sunglasses VS. Using 2 Pairs

(Regular & Reading Sunglasses)


Customer Reviews


"Amazing invention. These sunglasses are amazing. An astonishing invention. I love them. Highly recommended."


"This sunglasses are futuristic and amazing!"


"I love these glasses, it's a very cool piece of technology!"


"Not only they are fashionable, fit, comfortable and lightweight they are built by technology that turns from sunglasses to reading glasses."


and connected

An accompanying app allows users to further personalize the glasses to their specific reading needs, and the 32°N clinical team is offering a personal 1:1 live zoom ophthalmic session.

A Risk-Free Experience

Understanding that seeing is believing, 32°N offers a truly risk-free buying experience. When you place an order, they send you a trial pair of glasses to experience firsthand. If, for any reason, they don't meet your expectations, you can request a full refund. This ensures that your purchase is 100% risk-free, allowing you to try out the future of eyewear with complete peace of mind.

High-End Technology, Timeless Design

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The 32°N sunglasses seamlessly combine timeless design with high end technology for top notch functionality.
They mimic human vision, allowing wearers to adjust the focus with ease.

A simple swipe on the right temple lets users switch between "reading mode" for close-up tasks and "scenic mode" for regular sunglasses use.
This is especially beneficial for those dealing with presbyopia, an age-related decrease in near vision.

The days of switching between sunglasses and reading glasses, especially during outdoor activities, are over.

Innovative Technology
at Its Core

The foundation of the 32°N sunglasses is patented pixelated liquid crystal (LC) technology. Comprising countless tiny pixels capable of rotation, a swipe activates a small processor in the glasses' temple.

This processor adjusts to the optimal lens prescription. Thanks to the multitude of pixels adjusting their electrical state, these lenses can change focus in real-time, all without any noticeable added bulk.

A Vision for Better Vision

Yariv Haddad, Deep Optics  CEO and co-founder, perfectly sums up the company's mission:
"We are on a mission to improve human vision through dynamic optics."

With presbyopia affecting nearly 1.8 billion people worldwide, 32°N aims to provide a tech-forward solution to this common issue. Considering that people check their phones over 58 times a day on average, the hassle of constantly switching glasses is clear. 32°N is here to solve that problem.

Backed by Industry Leaders

The innovation from Deep Optics hasn't gone unnoticed in the eyewear and technology industries.
High-profile investors like ESSILORLUXOTTICA and Samsung Ventures have demonstrated their trust in the potential of the product and invested in the company’s funding rounds.
Denis Cohen-Tannoudji, Senior VP of Smart Vision Solutions at ESSILORLUXOTTICA, commended Deep Optics, stating, "We're thrilled with the rollout of 32°N and are eager to support this project with our expertise."