We can’t believe but we’ve just handed the first 32n sunglasses to the first group of backers. Real superhero glasses for real people!!!

Back in 2011, Yoav Yadin, Alex Alon and I were introduced to Saar Wilf, who came up with this weird idea of glasses that change their prescription dynamically.
Can you put something together in 3 months, he asked?
We were conservative enough to say it’ll take twice the time. Still, we’re in hardware. There’re always surprises.
Only 11 years after, we hit this amazing milestone: Real people who paid real money, got these first ever adaptive focus sunglasses - 32ºN Sunglasses.
I’m so proud of our amazing team at Deep Optics and thankful to our many partners on this incredible journey. It takes a global village of talented people and all kinds of companies to pack this much tech into an innocent looking pair of glasses. It pays off today, seeing our first real customers smiling like children witnessing magic for the first time.
The kind of satisfaction and energy boost we needed in pursuing our plans for the next few years.
2033, here we come :)

Yariv Haddad
CEO & Co-founder