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Q: What are liquid crystal lenses, and how do they work in 32°N sunglasses


A: We developed a unique technology that harnesses the special characteristics of liquid crystal to create lenses capable of dynamically changing their focus. In 32°N sunglasses, these lenses can be electronically adjusted to switch between different focal lengths, allowing users to see both near and far objects clearly without changing glasses.


Q: How do 32°N sunglasses benefit those who need reading glasses?


A: 32°N sunglasses are ideal for people who need reading glasses because they can switch to a near-focus mode. This eliminates the need to swap between regular sunglasses and reading glasses when you’re outside (forget wearing your reading glasses over your sunglasses).


Q: Are 32°N sunglasses suitable for outdoor activities?


A: That’s exactly what 32°N sunglasses were made for! They offer UV protection and can adapt their focal length to suit different visual tasks, making them versatile for everything from reading a map to enjoying a scenic view.


Q: What makes 32°N sunglasses unique in the eyewear market?


A: The uniqueness of 32°N sunglasses lies in their patented liquid crystal lens technology, which allows for on-the-fly adjustment of the lens focus. This innovation provides unmatched flexibility and convenience for users, setting them apart from traditional eyewear options.