At some point in our life, we will all experience some sort of decrease in the quality of our eyesight. For most, the change will happen around the age of 40 to 45. This alternation is called Presbyopia. 

Presbyopia is, essentially, an age-related, irreversible gradual loss of the eyes' ability to focus on nearby objects. And while many may refer to Presbyopia as a health problem, it is merely a natural condition. Presbyopia results from an organic and continuous inflexibility of the human eye’s lens, which makes it harder for the eye to focus on close objects like books, mobile devices, computer screens, and more. At this stage, reading glasses or multifocal glasses are the most common solution. However, adaptive glasses can provide a great solution that is also less disruptive to your day-to-day life. 

No more switching between sunglasses and reading glasses. As many consumers can attest, switching between sunglasses and reading glasses can become extremely tiresome, considering the average person looks at their phone as much as 58 times every day. This is where adaptive glasses come in. With the 32°N adaptive sunglasses, you can change from sunglasses to reading glasses with a single swipe on the temple. You no longer need to worry about taking your sunglasses and reading glasses when going places or changing between two pairs - you now have one pair of glasses that can accompany you wherever you go and allow you to see whatever you want.

Hassle-free vision experience. Adaptive glasses not only save you the inconvenience of always having to carry two pairs of glasses, your sunglasses and your reading glasses, but also the hurdles of adjusting to bifocal or multifocal glasses. 32°N adaptive sunglasses use lenses that dynamically switch their focus between close and far distances, based on your preference at any given moment. You can check the messages on your phone and look at the horizon without changing your eyes’ focus or the focal point of your vision. In a world where people are always on the go, ensuring a smooth vision experience wherever you go, whatever you do, is imperative.

A natural feel.
32°N adaptive sunglasses mimic the natural human vision, allowing users to seamlessly switch between “reading mode” for near vision and “scenic mode” for far distances. With a single swipe, the glasses adapt to your needs, providing a seamless experience no matter what it is that you want to look at. Using adaptive glasses when you experience Presbyopia provides you with an intuitive solution, so you will not have to compromise on your life quality and your day-to-day comfort.

Let technology take the lead.
The 32°N adaptive Sunglasses uses pixelated liquid crystal layers split into tiny pixels that accustom to the eyes’ needs at any given time. When you swipe, you activate the tiny processor embedded in the glasses’ temple. The processor calculates your personal data and sends that data back to the LC lenses to form the desired lens prescription. Millions of tiny pixels inside the lens change their electrical state according to the new data and bring the close objects into focus. Completely silent, and without any extra weight or moving parts, 32°N LC lens enables an unlimited number of dynamic, high-quality lenses that can be changed at any moment. The initial lens magnification can be personalized by 32°N App from 0-2 diopter. When off, it’s completely transparent, and you can see well to far distance, just like you would with conventional sunglasses. When you switch to turn it on, the lenses adjust to your desired magnification power. The magnification power can be updated at any time. The 32°N App will pair your phone with your 32°N adaptive sunglasses, determine and set the active lenses centers that fit you. After the setup, 32°N works completely independently, allowing you to simply enjoy the experience of using the glasses.

Modernize your life. Almost 2 billion people around the world suffer from presbyopia. And while Presbyopia cannot be reversed, adaptive glasses aim to provide a better life quality to those who encounter this problem. Leveraging the power of technology, inspired by the natural human vision, the use of adaptive glasses provides you with a seamless experience that fits to the modern world. Just like smart phones, smart homes, and smart cars, purchasing smart adaptive glasses makes your life easier, improves your daily routines, and enhances your ability to maximize every adventure.

Adaptive glasses offer a modern, dynamic solution to the ancient state of Presbyopia. 32°N, the first and only adaptive focus sunglasses, present an advanced technology that imitates the natural human vision in an effort to provide a flawless vision experience to those who need it. Unlike traditional solutions such as reading and multifocal glasses, you can now enjoy a single pair of glasses that adjust to all your needs.