The big picture:
Meskie Shibru is a huge inspiration: she is a TV and theater actress, director, creator and founder of a theater for children and youth, And if that’s not enough, she is also a social activist and written two books.  

The fine prints:
Meskie took us to her favorite spots in the city: a coffee shop, a bookstore and, of course, the beach.

Tel Aviv, 32.0853°N, 34.7818°E

 About Anika
I wrote my book, Anika, to give strength and inspiration, especially to women and girls who want to fulfill themselves and not break down along the way.

Favorite book
The book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murph helps me keep working on myself. When I’m feeling strong inside, I can focus on my goals.

I also read every week the weekly Torah Portion. It gives me strength and foundation for life and a reminder of who I am. 

Favorite reading spot
At the kitchen work area. The most important thing is that no one will be home because I need peace and quiet. 

Reading outdoors
At the beach, early in the morning, especially in the summer.


Favorite places to write
At my desk at home, a coffee shop or at the beach.

Favorite bookstore
’Bookworm’ in Tel Aviv, it’s a bookstore combined with a coffee shop and there are always pleasant people around.

Where do you keep your reading glasses?

Everywhere: there are pairs of reading glasses in my car, at my working area at home, in the living room and by the bed. I have at least seven pairs of reading glasses, and I can never find one when I need them. I am constantly looking for my reading glasses.